Accessories 🌺

A limited number of the following accessories will be available during your photo session for FREE:

Flower pink Flower Plumeria white Flower Plumeria pink   Red Plumeria Lei

The following accessories are available for RENTAL, for your photo session (please request during photo session booking):

Green Leaf Leis (four available) – $3/ea

Hakus & Headbands (one of each available) – $3/ea

haku 2 Butterfly Flower Headband 

Flower Headband cropped 4 Pink Orange haku lei

Toy Ukulele (one available) – $5


Mermaid Tiara (one available) – $5

Mermaid Tiara

Hakus – $10/ea

haku green 6 Green White Plumeria Headband (Haku Lei) 

Peach Aloha Plumeria Double Headband (Haku Lei)

Mermaid Skirt (one available – size medium 8-10) – $15

Iridescent Scale Mermaid Skirt

Hakus (headband) – $15/ea

haku red green 9 White Double Rose Bud Headband (Haku Lei)
10 Yellow Kahili Ginger Headband (Haku Lei) 11 Red Shell Ginger Headband

Leis – $20/ea

  12 Light Orange Plumeria Lei 13 White & Yellow Micronesian White Ginger Lei
14 Orange Plumeria Lei 15 White Plumeria Lei
16 Red Spider Lily Lei  

Leis – $24/ea

18 cherry pink and yellow plumeria lei 19 white and yello plumeria lei
20 Purple Island Tuberose with Blossom Fern Lei 21 White Double Rose Bud Lei

Leis – $30/ea

22 Green Maile Lei 40 23 Red Ohi'a lehua with Maile Lei
24 Orange&Green Alii Nani Premium Ilima & Maile Wrap Lei 60 25 Yellow Pakalana Triple Strand Lei 40 inch Lei