“Disinclination to Travel” Policy:
*If canceling your trip to Hawaii due to weather or virus warnings, you may receive a credit for the full amount you’ve paid, to be used towards a photo session within one calendar year from the date of your originally scheduled session.  No refunds will be given.

Please send ALL photo session and availability inquiries to LolaOPhotography@gmail.com

*All dollar amounts mentioned are in USD and all times mentioned are in the HST zone.

Q: What’s the best way to reach Lola?
A: Email is best.  If you call and Lola is not able to answer, please make sure to spell out your email address in your voice message and alpha bravo each letter.  You may also text Lola your email address, for proper spelling.

Q: What types of photo sessions does Lola do?
A: Lola specializes in portraits for individuals (plus headshots), families, couples, and children.  She can also cover engagement sessions, intimate weddings (including 20 people or less), fashion shoots (plus portfolio and comp card sessions), product shoots (vegan/vegan-friendly only), and food photography (vegan/vegan-friendly only).

Q: Where can I see Lola’s work?
A: Please click the “Portfolio” tab on the website.  You can also see Lola’s work on the blogFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Modelmayhem.  Lola only post/shows photos of clients with their permission.  What you see online is what Lola has available to show, as far as family/engagement/maternity/couple’s portraits are concerned.  A lot of her earlier work (and some current work) is from photo sessions she did with models, so they will mostly be close-up portrait shots with use of a light reflector.

Q: How do I book a photo session?
A: Bookings are handled on a first come, first serve basis.  Please contact Lola via email or telephone (emails tend to get quicker responses for those outside of Hawaii) to make your booking request.  Please make sure to specify what type of photo session you are interested in booking, your party size, and your desired date/date range.  After a date and time have been decided you will receive a Paypal invoice containing your purchase details (major credit cards are accepted).  

You must pay a deposit in order to reserve your booking.  The deposit is 75% of your session fee or $100 (whichever amount is greater).  You will have 24 hours (for standard bookings), 6 hours for next day bookings, and one hour for same-day bookings, to pay your deposit.  After the aforementioned times have passed, any unpaid invoices will be cancelled and you must contact Lola O Photography if you are still interested in booking a session.   No bookings will be reserved until a deposit has been paid, no exceptions.  This means that if your invoice is cancelled due to non-payment, your desired date and time may no longer be available.

For Groupon purchases, your voucher will be redeemed in lieu of your deposit.

After payment has been received, you will receive a confirmation email.  At this point, your date and time are locked into Lola’s calendar. Once your booking has been made, an agreement form outlining the policies will be sent to you via Docusign.  Your agreement must be signed before any photos will be released to you.

Q: Does Lola provide transportation?
A: No.  Please make the necessary arrangements to get to your session.  There may be taxis, Uber (use promo code lolao856ue for a free ride – new users only), Lyft, the bus, the Waikiki Trolley, and other options available, depending on your location.

Q: Can my pet be in my photos?
A: *Animals are prohibited, by the Hawaii Film Office, from being on location (i.e. no pets allowed, for outdoor sessions).  For sessions taken at private locations, Lola charges $40/pet, for portrait sessions.
Q: Is smoking allowed?
A: Please be aware that for the City and County of Honolulu, there is a smoking ban in place for City and County beaches and parks. Failure to adhere to the smoking ban may result in a citation issued to violators.

Q: Can I use a Groupon voucher for my session?
A: *Promotions are only applicable for certain sessions (please see Groupon deal details), for all other photo sessions, please contact Lola to receive quote.  Groupon vouchers can only be used for first-time clients.  Original discount price will be honored for repeat clients (cannot be combined with any other discounts), but repeat client must pay directly via Paypal.

Q: Why can’t I use my Groupon voucher for a different session?
A: Please see the Groupon deal’s fine print to find out which vouchers can be used for which types of sessions.  Just as a store wouldn’t give a discount on a product that isn’t marked down simply because a similar product is on sale, each of Lola’s promotions only pertains to the session for which it is intended.  Vouchers will only be accepted for the sessions to which they pertain – no exceptions!

Q: Why didn’t the Groupon deal mention _____?
A: There is too much information here to list everything on Groupon, and they do not allow certain wording to be put on deals such as vouchers only being accepted from new clients.  Details specific to each deal are listed in the Groupon deal page.  Please refer to Lola’s policies and this FAQs page for all of Lola’s policies, and for policies specific to your circumstance/location choice.  

Q: What if I need to reschedule my photo session?
A: If a session needs to be rescheduled for reasons other than imminent weather, a $100 fee applies if made less than 72 hours of scheduled photo session.  Reschedules are subject to availability and deposits are non-refundable.

Q: What if I need to cancel my photo session?
A: Please be aware that deposits are non-refundable.  If you cancel your photo session you will lose your deposit.

Q: What if it rains during my scheduled shoot time?
A: Lola has umbrellas she brings to sessions on days it looks like it may rain.  Sometimes, it’s just a matter of waiting out the rain for a few minutes, in which case you can pause or delay the session and Lola will make sure you get your full session time, weather permitting.

Hawaii weather can be unpredictable.  The forecast may show a chance of rain, or a zero percent chance of rain, and the exact opposite may happen.  It is best to keep an eye on the weather forecast anyway, in case it shows a storm coming, for example.  Lola will have a better idea of the likelihood of rain the night before, and the day of, your session.  If it doesn’t look promising, you have the option of either changing locations to a place where it isn’t supposed to rain, or switch dates and/or times (based upon availability).

Q: What if I am late to my photo session?
A: Your photo session begins at your scheduled time.  If you are late but still want the full time originally requested, you must pay for a time extension which is $2/minute of extra time (does not apply to discounted sessions – see page one of agreement for pricing).  All overtime fees must be made in full in order for any photos to be released.   

If you choose to not extend your time, you will forfeit your originally quoted amount of minimum photos and will be sent however many good photos that came out of your photo session.

Major credit cards and cash are accepted.  Please have the exact amount needed as change will not be provided.

Q: What if I would like to extend my session time?
A: On-the-spot time extensions are $2/minute of extra time and are subject to availability (does not apply to discounted sessions – see page one of agreement for pricing).  All overtime fees must be made in full in order for any photos to be released. 

Q: What location options do you have available?
A: Please see the Exhaustive list of shoot locations for all available locations (suggestions can also be made upon request).  There is a travel fee of $0.56 for any distance over 20 miles round-trip from 96826.  

*Lola is not responsible for the appearance of any venue/location chosen.  Please see the pricing page for photo editing details.

Q: Can Lola accommodate a specific venue I want to choose?
A: Depending on the *venue, this might be a possibility.  Film permits are not required for photography or video that takes place on private property.  Please make sure to find out if photography can be done at your desired venue (such as that on hotel property) before contacting Lola.  Client is responsible for all parking fees incurred by Lola, for any requested locations that require a parking fee.  Lola will not accommodate any locations where parking is not permitted or where the appropriate parking placard/parking fee is not provided.

Certain locations that are not on the Exhaustive list of shoot locations may require a Standard Film Permit.  Lola charges a $15 non-refundable administrative fee for submitting paperwork to obtain this type of permit, per location.  Permit(s) must be submitted at least 5 business-days before a session, which means if your session is less than 5 days away, this will not be an option.  Please contact the Hawaii Film Office, at 808 586-2570 or info@hawaiifilmoffice.comto find out if the location you want can be accessed via a Standard Film Permit before requesting said location for your photo session with Lola.

Some locations that require a Standard Film Permit are:

  • Larger State Parks: For example – Diamond Head State Monument
  • Popular Beaches: For example – Keawa‘ula (aka Yokohama Bay)
  • Trails: For example – Mānoa Falls Trail and Makapu‘u Lighthouse Trail
  • Any water activity: For example – if someone will be paddling a mile out to sea, the action is considered “water activity.”

For outdoor locations governed by the County, an additional permit fee between $20 and $300 may apply.  Lola charges a $15 non-refundable administrative fee for submitting paperwork to obtain this type of permit, per location. Please contact the Honolulu Film Office at (808) 768-6108 or info@filmhonolulu.com if the location you want is not on the Exhaustive list of shoot locations and cannot be covered by a Standard Film Permit, before requesting said location for your photo session with Lola.

Parks and beaches under the Department of Land and Natural Resources / Division of State Parks have a $100/day nonrefundable fee.  Lola charges a $15 non-refundable administrative fee for submitting the required paperwork to accompany this fee, per location. The below locations on this map fall under this category:

If you would like to film at any of the University of Hawai‘i or public school locations contact the schools directly for more information:

If you prefer Lola contact these entities to inquire about your desired shoot location, she will be happy to do so under the following circumstances:

1. You have paid a deposit to reserve your session
2. You are willing to choose a location where photography is permitted, if your first option is denied or Lola does not receive a response from the corresponding entity in time for your session

Outside of the exceptions mentioned above, locations that are not on the Exhaustive list of shoot locations may be completely off-limits for photo sessions. 

*If limited space is provided for Lola to shoot (such as in a backyard or on a boat, for example) she will do her best to give you as many options as possible but can make no guarantees, other than a minimum number of photos to be delivered.  If you have booked Lola to shoot in such a space, please take this into account when viewing your photos.

*Lola is not responsible for the appearance of any venue/location chosen.  Please see the pricing page for photo editing details.

Q: My request for shooting at a certain location was denied.  Why can’t I shoot at my favorite spot?
A: Commercial photography (i.e. any photography that is done by a paid photographer) is only permitted at specific locations.  Certain areas are off limits, legally (e.g. Ko Olina – Any photographers you see taking photos in that area are either associated with one of the hotels or are breaking the rules.  As much as Lola would love to accommodate that area, it is not allowed.)  Suggestions of nearby locations will be made, upon request, if the place where you want to have your session is off limits.

Q: Why are some locations off-limits to photographers?
Depending on the location, there may be cultural or environmental sensitivities:

· Certain public lands are adjacent to communities who have concerns about using the area for filming.
· Some areas are nature preserves, wildlife sanctuaries or home to endangered marine life.
· Ancient burial sites are not uncommon, especially in undeveloped areas.
· Many forested areas shroud ancient lo‘i kalo (taro terraces), heiau (religious temple) or other archaeological sites.
· There are certain places that require a special process when being requested for filming. These include Natural Area Reserves, marine reserves, ‘Iolani Palace, Washington Place, Mauna ‘Ala (the Royal Mausoleum), the King Kamehameha Statue in Honolulu, and Ali‘iolani Hale. Certainly filming in proximity of endangered marine mammals and other certain species falls in this category as well.

Q: When should I schedule my session?
A: It is recommended that you schedule your session in the beginning of your trip in case it needs to be rescheduled due to weather.  Also, if you will be out in the sun a lot during your trip, you may want to take your photos before you have a chance to possibly get sunburned.

Q: For what time of day should I schedule my photo session?
A: As close to sunrise or sunset as possible for best lighting (early mornings are best, to avoid large crowds, in certain areas) is highly recommended.  The exact time depends on the time of year and location on the island where you wish to shoot.  After you send your inquiry and express definite interest in setting up a session, you will be sent either a time or a time range that Lola is available, on the date(s) you wish to book.  To find out what time the sun will rise and set on the date you wish to shoot, click here and plug in the date.  

If you need or want to book your session for the middle of the day, and your desired time is available, please be aware that this might weaken the quality of your photos.  Lighting is harshest in the middle of the day when the sun is high in the sky so that time frame is best to be avoided.  However, accommodations will be made, when possible and at certain locations, shade may provide proper lighting.  If it ends up being overcast, this may be a non-issue.

Watch my IGTV video (start at 2:46) of me explaining best shooting times.

Q: I don’t know how long of a session I should book.  Any suggestions?
A: For parties of one to four people, 30 minutes should suffice, unless you have wardrobe changes ($25 charge).  For parties of five to ten people, at least 60 minutes is recommended.  For parties of more than 10 people, 1.5-2 hours are recommended.

If you have *small children, please keep in mind their general temperament.  You know your children best so if you think they will get restless quickly either opt for less time or bring their favorite toys, or a cartoon they can watch on a tablet, to keep them occupied when they are not in in front of the camera.  If you think it will take some time for your children to warm up to the camera, opt for more time.  

If there is time available, you are welcome to buy more time at the end of your scheduled photo session and Lola will continue taking photos, after payment has been made.

*Lola is not responsible for children not looking at the camera.  She will try her best to get them to be engaged, but will have to move on after a reasonable amount of time in order to get ample photos during a session. 

Q: Can I schedule my session on a major US Holiday?
A: There is a $100 fee that applies to photo sessions scheduled on major US holidays and scheduling is subject to availability.  Please note that photography is not permitted on holidays at certain locations (e.g. Lanikai Beach).

Q: What does the Waikiki Beach fee cover?
This fee covers additional editing needed for photos taken during crowded times of the day (i.e. taking people out of the background of photos), as well as maneuvering around crowds to get good photos during a session.  

Q: What should we wear to our photo session?
A: Wear something that makes you feel great!  Try to avoid logos as they can be a distraction to an otherwise great photo.  Bright and solid colors are good, and matching colors for families tend to also photograph well.  If you feel comfortable going barefoot in the sand and water, make sure to bring a pair of sandals/slippers with you, if possible, so you don’t have to worry about putting wet feet back into closed-toe shoes.  If you keep in mind the location background and go with colors that compliment the scenery, you should be good to go!  Also, it doesn’t hurt to do a Google search for family photos to get some ideas.

Please keep in mind that it can get very windy here, at times, so if you have long hair it is suggested that you bring a hair tie or clip, just in case.

Q: Can I change outfits during my session?
A: Yes, and there is a $25 charge which covers use of Lola’s portable changing room and extra time that will be needed to accommodate this.  However, if you have something that can be pulled over your first look and that is quick and easy to put on while photos are being taken of someone else in your party, this will not interfere and you will not need to pay a fee.  It doesn’t hurt to bring a change of clothes in the event that you realize there is a stain on yours or your children’s clothing, however.  Please make sure to indicate whether you will be having a wardrobe change that requires attention on your agreement.

Q: What if I miss my photo session?
A: No refunds of any kind will be given for no shows or cancellations.  If you do not show up to your photo session but still wish to have your pictures taken by Lola, you must contact her to schedule a brand new session at full price (no discounts will be given for reschedules – subject to availability).  

Q: I missed my session because of ______.   Since I already paid, can’t I just reschedule without a fee?
A: No.  When a client books a session, this takes away an opportunity for Lola to book someone else in that time slot.   Furthermore, if Lola took time out of her schedule to wait for you to arrive and you did not show, this means she wasted time that could have been used editing or getting back to others who wish to use her photography services.  Simply put, if you do not show up to your session, you will forfeit whatever amount you paid for your session.  No exceptions will be made, under any circumstances.

Q: When will I receive my photos?
A: Seven business days (M-F) after your photo session, you will receive an email with a Dropbox link that will direct you to a photo gallery.  After you email Lola the numbers of the photos you would like to keep, you will receive the final photos 14 business days (M-F) after your request date.  From there, please promptly download your photos as your link will expire in five days!  If you need more time to download your photos, please let Lola know and she will be happy to accommodate.

If, for some reason, you have not seen your email with the Dropbox link by 11:59pm Hawaii Standard Time on your delivery date, please contact Lola, at that time.  Please do not inquire as to the status of your photos before the deadline has passed, unless you wish to expedite your photo delivery.  To see what time it is in Hawaii now, click here.

Q: Can I get my photos sent to me sooner?
A: Yes.  Please see the pricing page for expediting service fees.  Expediting services are dependent upon availability.  Delivery date is determined by the date and time your invoice is paid.  Invoices must be paid by 5pm HST in order to secure that date as your payment date.  Invoices paid after 5pm HST will have a payment date that reflects the following day, unless otherwise stated.  To see what time it is in Hawaii now, click here.

Photos will be delivered via a Dropbox link, sent to the email address provided by client, by the specified time frame depending on when the invoice is paid.  If you pay for expediting services after your photo session, your photos will be delivered based on the day and time you paid.  If you pay for expediting services before your photo session, your photos will be delivered based on the time your photo session ended.

Example: Say you have a 30 minute photo session on Monday, that ends at 6pm, and want your photos in 72 hours.  You already paid the expediting fee before your session took place.  In this case, you would receive your photo link by 6pm on that Thursday.  If, however, you paid your expediting fee on Tuesday (the day after your session), you would receive your photo link by 6pm on that Friday.

Q: Why do I have to wait _______ business days to receive my photos?
A: Lola works with 20-30+ clients every week, on average.  Photos are processed in the order they were taken, unless they are expedited.  Please do not inquire about the status of your photos before the due date and time unless you wish to pay for expediting services.

Q: But I want my photos early for my fill-in-event-here.  Can’t I just get my photos sent a little early, since I asked?  Surely, you can make an exception.
Every client is special and has their own story.  In order to honor every client and get each person their photos on their due date (and before midnight), no one will receive preferential treatment.  If a client wants to receive their photos early, an expediting fee must be paid.  No exceptions will be made.

Q: Can I receive more than the minimum number of guaranteed photos?
A: Yes.  Additional photos, outside of what is included in your package, can be purchased at $3/photo 

Q: Can I purchase all of the photos in my photo gallery for less than $3/photo if there are a lot of photos?
A: This depends on how many photos there are and how much editing is needed.  Please request a quote from Lola.

Q: Can I have all of the photos that were taken during my photo session?
A: For quality assurance purposes, Lola does not send all photos taken during a session under any circumstances.  

Q: But I really want to see all of the photos!
A:  Before sending photos, Lola takes time to eliminate photos that are test shots (unless they came out well), photos containing people who are blinking (unless there are no other options), duplicates, etc.  Especially with group shots, there will inevitably be unusable photos due to people blinking, looking away, fixing their hair, looking down, squirming etc.  

Think of it this way, if you were to go to the store to buy a box of cookies that you heard are really good and you noticed, while eating them, that there were a bunch of cookies that didn’t taste good because they were burnt or had too much sugar, salt, or flour… you probably wouldn’t ever want to buy those cookies again.  And you would probably tell other people not to buy them, either, because they were gross!

Each photo session is like a new batch of cookies with different people, different lighting, a different setting, different weather conditions, etc.  It is very unlikely that every photo taken will be great, unless we all just get lucky that day.  Please understand that client satisfaction is priority and this includes only sending good photos!  In addition, it would reflect poorly on Lola O Photography if photos were sent that weren’t good.  

Please keep in mind you are hiring Lola to take and send quality photos. If, instead, you prefer to have someone simply take and send a lot of photos of you regardless of quality, there may be another photographer out there who better meets your needs.

Q: Will my photos be edited?
A: Lola will edit obvious distractions of photos at her discretion (e.g. if someone photo-bombed your shot but she feels it is too good, otherwise, to not send) and make lighting and color adjustments where/if needed.  Should you wish to have extensive editing or specific photos edited, you may order them by sending an email request and paying the invoice that follows.  If ordering photo edits after your photos have been removed from Lola’s database (45 days after your photo session), please email your photo(s) in as high resolution as possible, for best results.  Photo edit pricing can be found on the pricing page.

Q: It was windy/my hair is in my face in my photo.  Can this be edited for free?
A:  No.  Lola offers hair ties, bobby pins, hair spray, hair gel, a brush, and a mirror at the start of sessions, when needed (i.e. it is windy or hair looks like it needs to be fixed/secured).  It is up to the client to secure their hair with the items provided, or with their own items.  If Lola notifies client of windy weather and recommends securing the hair, it is up to the client to follow recommendations.  Lola will do her best to let clients know when hair needs to be fixed during their session.  It is up to the client to move hair out of their face during walking shots (when Lola is not within earshot to tell them), and in general if they feel their hair on their face and/or if Lola suggests they move their hair out of their face.  No free editing will be offered.

Q: My clothes are _______ in my photo.  Can this be edited for free?
A:  No.  Lola will do her best to let clients know when hair needs to be fixed during their session. It is up to the client to make sure their clothes look the way they want before/during their session.  If client does not want a certain item of clothing/accessory in their photos (i.e. glasses, shoes, bra strap etc.), they are responsible for removing them.  No free editing will be offered.

Q: Can I get my photos sent to me on a cd or flash disc?
A: Absolutely!  CDs are $10 plus tax and shipping and usb flash discs are $25 per drive plus tax.  You are welcome to order a cd or flash disc upon booking your shoot and for as long as Lola has your photos in her database.  Your CD(s) or flash disc will be mailed after your invoice has been paid and your photos have been sent to you via email.  If you wish to have your edited photo(s) included on your CD(s) or flash disc, your CD(s) or flash disc will be sent after your photos have been edited and sent to you via email.  

Any CDs or flash disc ordered will be sent to the address provided by client.  Arrival time depends on client’s location.  If special requests are made (e.g. you want to see your edited photo before your CD or flash disc is shipped), delivery time will be further delayed. You will receive an email with a tracking number after your cd or flash disc has been shipped.  If you do not receive your CD or flash drive within two weeks after you receive said notification, please let Lola know immediately.

Shipping fees and taxes apply.

Q: For the photo edit that comes with my package, do I get to choose the photo?
A: Yes.  After reviewing your photos in your Dropbox gallery, please respond citing the number in the file name of the photo to which you would like to apply your full edit.  You may also order additional edits.  Photo edit pricing can be found on the pricing page.

Q: If I order photo edits, when will they be sent to me?
 Fourteen business days after you have made your photo edit request (or after your invoice has been paid, whichever date comes last), your edited photo(s) will be sent to you either as email attachments or via email with a Dropbox link (depending on the total file size).  If you are sent a Dropbox link, it will expire in five days.  If you wish to have your edited photo(s) put on your CD(s) before they are shipped, please make sure to specify that.  See above fore further details regarding CDs.  Edited photos will be deleted from Lola’s database with the rest of your photos (45 days from you shoot date).

Q: Can I order prints of my photos?
A: At this time, prints are not an available option but you have the right to print your photos on your own.  Please make sure your photos have downloaded properly and are in high resolution on your device/computer.  Photos should be in megabytes (MB) and anything smaller than that cannot be printed on a large scale. If, for some reason, your photos have not downloaded properly, you must contact Lola within 14 business days after your photos have been sent to you, if photos need to be resent or sent another way.

Lola does not release the rights for sale of photos taken by Lola O Photography.  If someone is requesting to publish your photo(s), please have them contact Lola directly.

Q: Can I post photos from my session on my social media pages?
A:  Of course!  You are also welcome to post photos as you wish.  Please feel free to tag Lola O Photography on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter

Q: My photo session was several months ago but I lost my photos.  Can Lola resend them to me?
A: No.  Please be aware that photos are kept for 45 days after your photo session and then for another couple of weeks in the Dropbox trash folder.  After that point, they are automatically removed from Lola’s database (this includes edited photos).  It is recommended that you save your files to at least two places (i.e. your computer and/or an an external hard drive, in addition to a flash disc, a CD, the cloud etc.).  Unfortunately, Lola cannot recover files that are no longer in her database or in Dropbox.  

Have a question that needs answering?  Please send it to lolaophotography@gmail.com!


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