Please send ALL photo session inquiries to LolaOPhotography@gmail.com


-All portrait sessions will be conducted outdoors during daylight hours.
-A deposit of 50% of your session fee, or $50 (whichever amount is greater), is due upon booking and is non-refundable.
-Full session fee must be paid before session begins.
-For standard bookings, unpaid invoices will expire 24 hours after they are sent.  For next day bookings, unpaid invoices will expire six hours after being sent. For same day bookings, invoices will expire one hour after being sent. If your invoice has expired due to non-payment, you must contact us in order to check for availability and your desired shoot time may no longer be available.
-Available sessions are on a first come first serve basis and are not reserved until a deposit has been paid.  Lola will not hold a reservation unless payment has been received.
-It is client’s responsibility to choose time and location for photo session
-A session may only be rescheduled as a result of inclement weather.
-Additional shoot time must be paid for PRIOR to shoot.   Lola will accommodate on-the-spot time extension requests when possible and payment must be made before additional session time begins.
-No refunds of any kind will be given for no shows or cancellations.
-The guaranteed minimum number of photos you are quoted only applies to the amount of time you originally scheduled.  If you are late to your session and do not pay for extra time, you will forfeit your minimum photo guarantee and be sent as many good photos that came out of the session.  As a result of having less time, this number may be under the minimum photo guarantee for your originally scheduled photo session time.
-If only your deposit has been paid (half of your session fee) and you do not show up to your session, Lola will only wait until half of your session time has passed (after which time she will leave, if you are still not present).
-Sessions are not to exceed 2.5 hours (does not apply to product and magazine shoots, events, and newborn shoots).
-Lola is not responsible for the appearance of the venue/location chosen for your photo session.  Please see the pricing page for photo editing details.
-There is a travel fee of $0.56/mile for any distance over 20 miles, round trip, from our location in Honolulu, HI 96816.
-There is an 8% sales tax fee applicable to every CD order.
-Lola accepts credit/debit cards and cash, only.
-Lola does not accept checks.
-All monies must be paid and agreement must be signed in order for client to receive photos.  A delay in photo delivery will occur if  all payments have not been made and agreement has not been signed by the photo delivery date.
-Anyone using a Groupon voucher for anything other than a family portrait will be charged an additional fee (fee will be equivalent to the amount taken by Groupon)
-Photo previews will not be available before your photo delivery date.  If you would like to expedite your photo delivery, please see pricing page.
-Photos will be processed and delivered electronically via a Dropbox link two weeks after the shoot date (this time frame applies to standard orders – see below for expediting options).  Dropbox link will be sent to the email address provided by client by 11:59pm HST on the due date.
-All photos will be high resolution jpeg images
-RAW image files will not be provided for portrait sessions, weddings, or events.
-Lola does not send all photos taken during a session under any circumstances.
-It is client’s responsibility to make sure photos have downloaded properly onto her/his device/computer, to check that photos are in high resolution upon downloading, and to contact Lola within 45 days after client’s session in order for photos to be resent, if needed, or sent another way. 
*please note that photos should be in megabytes (MB) and anything smaller cannot be printed on a large scale.
-Any CDs ordered will be mailed to the address provided by client during the week following electronic delivery of photos (unless expedited) as long as CD invoice has been paid in full.  Otherwise, CD(s) will be mailed after CD invoice is paid in full, provided photos are still in our database.  Package arrival time depends on client’s location.
-Invoices paid after 6pm HST will be processed the following day between the hours of 10am and 6pm HST, unless otherwise stated.
ALL photos from photo session will be DELETED from Lola’s database 45 days after photo session.

*Lola reserves the right to refuse service to anyone and will not work with rude/disrespectful clients.  Mahalo for your aloha!


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