Teen Fashion

This is part one of two posts with photos of these two gorgeous girl; there were just too many winners to post them all in one entry.  These photos were the last of three shoots I was able to squeeze in with hair and make up artist Stephanie LeDesma (aka Vixen Dream), for www.ThinkLikeAModel.com, before I moved out […]

Tribal Warrior Goddess

The year is 2052 and the post-apocalyptic world is, now, inhabited by only the strongest of the strong.  Technology, as we know it, has been destroyed and we are back to our more primal selves. That was the general idea behind this photo shoot I was able to squeeze in before moving away from San […]


Old Poway Park seems to be such a good place to shoot so I chose this location for my photo session with Scarlett.  She was a total sweetheart and absolutely gorgeous!  It was a really hot and sunny day so making use of the shaded areas was a must.  We were going for a more […]

Back to School

This too cool for school shoot was done for my blog www.ThinkLikeAModel.com with actor Dakota.  We shot at Miramar college and it was extremely sunny out, as you can see.  Joe helped with the lighting and I really love the mood it added to the shots.  Dakota’s sisters and Mom were there, as well.  It’s […]